Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopping downtown

Hi Fabs! 

I recently went on a downtown shopping spree with my BFF to find out what the fuss was about, and what I was missing out on. Turns out, a lot.

Living in Sunninghill, I didn't know about all the one-of-a-kind items you can find in the inner city. Now I know where my colleagues are talking about when they tell me the item of clothing I love on them is from “town”. We visited all the bargain shops and stalls from the Oriental plaza to China City and others in between.

The plan was to embrace our ‘cheap chic’ inner goddess. Our first stop was Commissioner Street, the hub of it all. We hit all the ‘boutiques’, and since most items didn’t cost more than R100, it was easy to go wild with clothes, accessories and food. We got scarfs for R12, pumps for R20 and trench coats you'd swear were from YDE. There are some of the cutest designer knock-offs on sale too. BFF bought a ‘Channel’ bag and I made out with a ‘Mike Jacobs’ bag, too (judge me later). Town really is a one-stop-shop for a girl on a budget.  

Downtown shopping tips:
Park at a central place and walking everywhere.
Carry a sling bag, and carry cash.
Leave your phone in the car.
Travel in pairs, or make it a girl’s day outing.
If you need directions, ask a woman to help you.
Wash your garments when you get home before wearing them.
If you have sensitive skin, buying the R5 earrings might be unwise.
Since most of the shopping attendants are foreign nationals, spend time speaking to them and take an interest in their lives, as it’ll help you with haggling for prices later.

So, if celebrities like Tyra Banks can have a ‘frugal’  days, then so can we! 
’Til next time Fabs, be street wise and stay fabulous!


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