Friday, June 24, 2011

nature’s source.

“My name is Nthabi Sekhokoane and I'm 22 years old. I’ve studied journalism and I love fashion, beauty and writing. I’m a shoe, ice cream and wine gums addict! I’ll be blogging about everything fashion and beauty, plus the cool places I’ve been.”

Hi Fabs!

I’m so excited to be CLEO’s latest guest blogger! *does happy dance*

I hope winter has been good to you, because this season is quite dreadful. Especially since we tend to let ourselves go in the beauty-regime department. A big no-no Fabs! If there’s ever a time to step it up a notch, it’s now.

Like most girls, my skin goes on a temporary hiatus in winter, despite investing in expensive skin-care ranges. But why? Maybe it’s because we’re too lazy to do the three-step skin routine at night, because all we want is to snuggle in front of the heater? Guilty! *raises hand*

A friend suggested I try going the all-natural skin-care route, and use new, less expensive products. I thought about the potential saving I’d make – no more paying R550 for one product! Try R19 a pop. And, the benefits are countless. Using natural products is eco-friendly and they contain hypo-allergenic properties, meaning they suit all skin types. No additives and preservatives, how cool.

My plan started on 1 May, and it has been working really well. I chose the Rooibos range that’s sold exclusively at Clicks. You can also get Tea Tree and Aloe Vera in the range. My skin has never felt so smooth and clean, with such minimal effort. I exfoliate twice a week and use the face wash twice a day, for a glowing complexion. 

And for the eager-beaver Fab out there who wants to go all the way, try using Rooibos teabags as exfoliators. Dab a teabag in warm water and wipe your face with it for about five minutes, once a week. Alternatively, use raw oats and honey (simply mix them together to make a paste) then gently rub onto your skin.

’Til next time, stay fabulous!


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