Thursday, June 9, 2011

This one goes out to you

I’d like to dedicate The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars to everyone who’s battling to get out of bed on these cold winter mornings. I wasn’t completely sold on his bubblegum pop-rock music, until I saw the music video for this song. And now I find myself watching it, just to crack my winter glaze.

To check out the video, click here: 
And for fun, I’ve put together a Lazy Song Essentials Kit for all of the Bruno Mars fans out there:

Number one on the list is this poster for your wall.

You’ll also want to have something plaid for obvious reasons.

Then there’s the pin-up shoes.

Ray bans are a serious must and you can give a nod to the bow tie fad if it’s your vibe.

And of course, what would a Lazy Song Essentials Kit be without a monkey mask?

And if you’re not about to go out and buy a mask, here’s how you can make your own

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