Friday, August 26, 2011

Virtual Stalker

Hi! I’m Zodwa Mokoena, and I’m a first-year journalism student at The University of Johannesburg.  I’ll be blogging about the weird and wonderful happenings in the life of a fresh varsity student, eager to impress, and hungry to learn.  

My varsity timetable wasn’t so busy today, because most of my classes were cancelled [screaming: YAY!]. With a two-hour gap between classes, my head instructed me to march to the library, and fast! But, I decided to do a bit of both, and go to be in the student centre for an hour and study for another.

In the library, I was eager to catch up with my ‘hubby’ (who’s not ‘technically’ my hubby). I typed Facebook into the internet address bar, and within seconds my mood changed. My university has blocked Facebook! I was sent into shock mode. Why? I am a virtual stalker. Ever had that nagging curiosity about what your ex, current, or future boyfriend is up to? Well, you’re not alone. Technology was made to service this exact purpose.

I felt rejected and confused. Why is this happening to me? I typed all the ways possible to login in to Facebook, but to no avail. I ran to the technician assistant with my big emergency, but he came to my seat and told me to stop wasting his time. Did he not know it had been three hours and 32 minutes since I caught up with my ‘hubby’? (Lots of things can happen in that time.)

I quickly headed to Campus square, and almost got knocked over buy a taxi in the process. I found an internet café (which cost R10 and hour) but I didn’t care. I logged in, checked out my victim’s profile, only to see his status said, “Off to sleep-no classes today”. After all that, this is the only information you give me.

It was then when I realised that although there’s nothing wrong with being a virtual stalker (as long as you don’t act on it) you miss out on living your life while boyfriends (whatever tense) live theirs. I almost deleted him to end my obsession, but that would be avoiding the problem, so I’m detoxing from Facebook (until I get over him).

From a professional virtual stalker, this is how you determine if you are one too:

Twice a week – you’re curious.

Three or more times a week – you’re a virtual stalker!

I’ll keep you updated on the weird and wonderful tales of a first-year student.


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