Friday, September 2, 2011

Sanitary love.

After a hectic day of classes, I was super hungry and decided to get something to eat. At  the 7 eleven on campus I was approached by a butch (albeit anxious-looking) 6ft butch guy. He asked me to do him a huge favour – could by his girlfriend sanitary towels? I had to laugh; the poor guy looked mortified to even say the words “sanitary towels”. But, I was happy to oblige.

“What brand does she use?” That question seemed harder to answer than one from a bar exam.
“Uh … the blue one.”
“But 80% of them are blue!”
By now he was irritable, so he manned up, went into the store, and bought all the ‘blue ones’. That seemed like a bit of a mission to me. Why didn’t he just go back to the dorm room and ask? I think he did it to avoid coming back.

This incident intrigued me to think about how far the male sex would go for their partner. So, I asked my friends if they’d ever got their boyfriends to buy them sanitary towels. One friend said she’d asked before, but he declined without hesitation. They’re no longer together.

I believe the value of the relationship comes down to one simple question: Will you buy me sanitary towels? If he says yes, he must love you, because men would rather slay dragons than be seen with a pack of Always Ultra. And if he says no? Well, he clearly doesn’t love you.

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